Thursday, June 2, 2011

Impatient With My Impatiens

Well, you can tell that it is June here in Florida without even looking at a calendar.  "How?" you may ask. 
Well, I must start each post with a nice photo so I'll show you after the semi-nice photo.  But it's because my impatiens tell me it is June.

This is what impatiens look like when they are in the shade almost all day and get water twice a day:

Not great but certainly better than this poor baby:

By June, I just get sick of watering twice a day AND it really does them no good anyway if they get any sun.  They just can't handle the heat.  The first weekend in June is often dedicated to ridding my back yard of most of my pitiful impatiens.

Now, in case you think summer is simply unbearable here in Florida, I must tell you that for those of us with thin skin...a hot summer beats a cold winter any day.  There are a few other plants that love the heat, too.

My grape vine is overflowing with grapes that will soon turn purple and drop all over my deck.

And it won't be long before my entire yard is lined with these:

These are called Lily of the Nile.

These lilies (which I brought from my grandparent's farm in North Florida) surround my avocado tree.  (Yes, avocados!)

And my Bougainvillea is bursting with blooms and makes a wonderful privacy screen between our yard and the neighbors.

So, it is so long to the impatiens until October.  But God gives us year round beauty in all things.  Aren't you glad He is patient with us?

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  1. I'd take the heat over the cool weather we get here. I guess that means I have some thick skin!! lol Your flowers are beautiful though, i'm very jealous!

  2. Just beautiful! I. kill. everything. I am The Black Thumb. I have rocks and pinecones in my pots. Not kidding. The grapes look great!

  3. Hi Sis - Do you remember giving us a baby lily from Granny's house the last time we visited you? Well, we just got our first bloom of the year on it up here in north Georgia!

  4. I also have problems with impatiens so I switched over to vinca...they love the sun here in TN. Love your plants!!!

  5. So sorry about your Impatients! they don't like a lot of sun I guess... I planted several Impatients for my mom when I was in Florida, and they're not doing good either... maybe some shade would do good ;) Everything else look perfect to me! ;) thanks for participating in SOYCM!



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