Saturday, April 30, 2011

An Alley Encounter

Truly, I have no idea what has gotten into me.  I am a very private person but for some unknown reason, I feel like telling people about the newest interest in my life.  No, it's not a's a hobby.  It began with an alley encounter.  Well, actually, it began with an internet encounter that inspired. 

You see, I have some old furniture in need of some facelifts and slip covers came to mind as a good option so I began searching the internet for "how-to" sites for slipcovers.  And from there, I found site after site of inspiring women doing creative things.
Anyway, I found a video on someone's site about painting and I caught the bug.  One weekend, I told my husband, that I really wanted to find some furniture to paint but I didn't actually do anything about it.  Later, I had to take out the garbage and when I did, I encountered two abandoned chairs in the alley.  Well, they had cane bottoms and they were not exactly in the best of condition but I quickly kidnapped them and put them in my back yard.  Within minutes, I found an old can of red paint and some stain that I had used on the walls in my oldest son's room and this is what happened!

Remember I said I had is a side by side before & after
I put the chair with a pot in my garden and now, I'm totally hooked on the trash to treasure possibilities.  I will post more on my progress as I go.  I doubt too many treasures will just show up in my alley like these but now I'm on the look out.  Look out junky furniture...
Later, I'll tell you where the chairs came from...

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