Thursday, January 26, 2012

Olive ASCP Waterfall Dresser

This dresser has been finished for quite some time. I teased you with a before picture a few weeks ago and promised to complete it within a few days. 

Well, I did complete it and I photographed it but I procrastinated on posting it because I didn't like my photos.  I kept thinking I would move the piece inside and take better pictures...

...but that never happened.

And now, it's too late.  I sold it.

These photos were taken late in the day, outside (obviously) so the true color may not be properly reflected.

This is really a beautiful color!   The dresser is sitting on a furniture mover and you can see it's wheel down there at the bottom. Not good.

But hopefully you can see some of the details that I tried to spotlight using finishing techniques.
I painted the entire piece with ASCP Olive then I waxed the drawers and the top (and a small portion down at the bottom) with dark wax.  The rest of the piece was waxed with clear. 

The hardware is new.  Someone had removed the original hardware which was most likely a bakelite pull of some sort.  So we replaced it with these black cup pull pieces.  Buying replacement bakelite hardware would not have been cost effective since we were hoping to sell it quickly which means pricing it fairly low.

You might remember the before shot...

I was never thrilled with this piece.  But if you can learn from each project, then it is not a total loss. is my lesson learned for buying junk furniture...

If the piece is missing the hardware and you are buying for resale...don't buy it!

Of course, you should apply this rule as you see fit, right?  Then I guess it really isn't really a rule.  Maybe a guideline..


  1. This piece looks wonderful, and I love the new pulls. I like this color too. Congrats on a quick sell, and great job!

  2. I have yet to see anything that you redo that does not look wonderful. I love all of them. You are truly gifted with taking something discarded and turning it into something useful and beautiful. Reminds me of the work the Lord does in ones life He sees the those who everyone else sees as hopeless and makes something beautiful and useful. Your are following a good path. Blessings and keep on re-creating.

  3. I love this color. I also painted an antique desk in olive & it sold quickly. It's not a color for everyone but it seems to be the ones you don't love are the pieces that sell. Go figure! Dee


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