Saturday, October 20, 2012

Witch Way D&B

We live in an older home.  It's a four square built in 1929.  One of my friends always jokes that she is going to the B&B every time she comes to our house.  We often have cookouts in our back yard so when the cooler weather hits we always say "the B&B is open for business". 

So this year for Halloween, when I saw a sign on Better Homes and Garden's web site, I decided my house would make the perfect "D&B" or Dead & Breakfast. So...I painted a sign...then decorated accordingly...

We hung the sign last week and it's getting lots of attention in the neighborhood. 

So far, we have two guests...

This is Bob.  He enjoys sitting on our fronch porch waving to al the neighbors.

And this is Bill.  He's having a hard time getting out of "bed".

The witches that run the D&B are a little wild. 

Hilda really shouldn't have been texting while she was flying...

I think she's going to be a little late getting breakfast ready today. looks like breakfast is already cooking.

"Life" is good at the Witch Way Dead & Breakfast!

Wouldn't you like to come and stay at the WW D&B? 
Rooms are cheap!

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  1. What fun!! I love all your decor. And your wonderful sense of humor.

  2. So fun! The chow cooking in the entry is wonderful to show it off at night. I will bring Darryl, Darryl, and his other brother Darryl from the B&B on the Bob Newhart show.

  3. Love the sign and the decorating! So fun! Made me laugh. I love the night scene of the entrance.

  4. Oh my...your decorations are so awesome! I love the evening shot with the pumpkins lit. Great job on your sign too! Love it all! {HUGS!}


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