Monday, December 24, 2012

Repost - Grandma Can't Wait For Christmas

I've been out of blogging commission for a while.  Google decided about a month ago that I was out of space.  Odd, since it said I was only 42% full but none the less, it wouldn't let me load any more photos.  So...being rather busy at the time, I couldn't worry about it right then and I just let it go.

But last night, I tried again and low and behold, it let me load photos. 

Here we are the day before Christmas and I have nothing ready to post.  But as I finish up my last little bit of baking...I can't help but reflect on Christmas's past.  So, I decided to repost one of my favorite Christmas stories of all.  Wishing you all miracles this Christmas...


My grandmother, Thelma, was always as giddy as a child when it came to opening Christmas presents. She could hardly wait once all her gifts were wrapped and under the tree. All of my extended family would gather at her house and as soon as the last family member arrived, the paper began flying off the gifts as fast as Grandma could hand them out. Sometimes, she wouldn’t even wait until Christmas day…she was just too excited about seeing the smiles on our faces.

In 2006, as I sat in the chapel at Baptist Hospital in Pensacola, Florida just two days before Christmas, I couldn’t help but think about Grandma who passed away in 1998. She had been a nurse in this very hospital for twenty years . After my grandfather died in 1962, she went back to school and got her nursing degree. As a child, I was always so proud of my grandmother in her stark white uniform with the smart nursing cap on her beautiful  hair. Later, her independence and self-sufficiency was an inspiration to me as I went off to college and later began my career.

I couldn’t help but wonder, however, what my grandmother might be feeling if she were with us at the hospital that day. My mother, Grandma’s oldest daughter, was having surgery to remove a very large, cancerous tumor that had developed in her abdomen. The doctor had assured us before the surgery that it would be a long, drawn out surgery as he was quite sure that the cancer would be wrapped up among my mother’s organs and that radiology and chemotherapy were quite likely a must. We were prepared for the worst but we prayed for complete healing. We also prayed for strength to handle whatever the outcome might be.

In the waiting room, there were at least 40 people who had come to show their love and support of my parents and to pray as my mother had surgery. My Grandmother would have found comfort in that support as I did but I can only imagine the anticipation and anxiety she would have felt just having to wait for the doctor to return. It would have been far worse than waiting for Christmas! We were all quite surprised when after only an hour and a half, the doctor was out and asked to speak with my father, brother and me. The doctor himself said he was quite surprised when they found that the tumor was not touching any organs at all. They were certain they removed it all and no radiation or chemo would be needed. It was, he said, a miracle!
We all knew that it was just that and we were all giddy with excitement! I know that Grandma never would have doubted that our God was able to save her daughter. And I bet she was in heaven asking God to give us our Christmas gift early… while all the family was together! Christmas was extra special that year as we celebrated two miracles: Jesus’s birth and my mother’s healing.

Wishing you PEACE and JOY during this season of miracles.

Merry Christmas!


  1. What a wonderful thing to have happen! Merry Christmas:) I have friends who have had medical miracles, it's awe-inspiring when it happens...thanks for posting this, I am like your grandma, I can't wait to see people's faces when they open their gifts, especially my kids and now my baby grandson;) Sally

  2. God Bless! Such a wonderful story. Merry Christmas!

  3. God Bless! Such a wonderful story. Merry Christmas!

  4. I've thought about you often during the past couple months, figuring your boys, and life in general, were keeping you exceptionally busy. It was nice to see a new post, and such an uplifting one at that! :)

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, Fran. I hope 2013 brings you blessings beyond measure.

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